Aquatherm PP-R socket welding techniques


Socket welding technology


By the fusion of pipe and fitting the plastic melts to a homogeneous material unit. Pipe and fitting are quickly heated by means of specific weldingtools and then just joint: finished!With the fusion technique of aquatherm you will easily get a permanent,leakproof connection.


Fusion    Fusion    Fusion


Weld-in saddle technique


Branches can easily be made with weld-in saddles, even at a later stage of installation. By using weld-in saddles material and time is reduced.


  1. Drill the pipe with the aquatherm-special borer (Art.-No. 50940-48).
  2. Heat up the weld-in saddle and the pipe.
  3. Join the weld-in saddle and pipe permanently.


The result: a permanent corrosion-free connection!


Saddle    Saddle    Saddle


Further information about the welding techniques can be found in technical catalogues in our download area.



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