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Aquatherm under soil heating being installed at football stadiums.


Aquatherm Under soil heating Aquatherm under pitch heating football stadium

Under soil heating Aquatherm Under soil heating Aquatherm

Under soil heating Aquatherm









Leipzig Central Stadium, Germany


The images below are from Leipzig Central Stadium in Germany, which is designed for 45,000 spectators, and its innovative shape and multifunctional concept is right in line with a futuristic, exciting sports complex. The key characteristic feature of the new arena which can be seen from afar is the curved mobile roof which covers the stands without any supports using a 17m high suspension solution.
Aquatherm has made a key contribution to this major project by installing an aquatherm under soil heating system to give the necessary warmth to the heart of the stadium - the grass playing surface. This results in shorter regeneration phases for the turf so that matches can take place continuously, reliably and without any problems even when the weather is cold and wet.


Under soil heating Aquatherm Undersoil heating image Aquatherm


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