Pressure Test \ Leakage Test


The material properties of Aquatherm PP-R pipe systems result in an expansion of the pipes during the pressure test, this affects the test results.

Due to the thermal expansion coefficients of Aquatherm PP-R pipe systems the results are influenced additionally.

The temperature differences between the pipe and the test medium will lead to changes in pressure. Hereby a temperature change of 10K (kelvin) corresponds to a pressure difference of 0.5 up to 1 bar.

Therefore pressure testing of the Aquatherm PP-R pipe systems should be made with a constant temperature of the test medium.

The hydraulic pressure test requires a preliminary, principal and final test.

In the preliminary test a pressure of 18 bar is applied 3 x 5 minutes for the expansion / release of the pipes, between the cycles the pipe system must be depressurised.

Immediately after the preliminary test the principal test should be performed.

The test duration is 15 minutes at 10 bar test pressure which may not fall more than 0.5 bar throughout the duration of the test.

After completion of the preliminary and principle test the final test must be performed.

The final test duration is 60 minutes and the test pressure (see chart after principle test) may not fall more than 0.5 bar.


No leakage must appear at any point of the tested installation system.


Measuring of the test pressures


Measuring has to be done with a manometer allowing a perfect reading of a pressure change of 0.1 bar. The manometer has to be placed at the deepest point of the installation.


Test record


A record of the hydraulic pressure test has to be prepared and signed by the client and contractor stating place and date.


Please note, all Aquatherm Red Pipe System (sprinkler pipework) shall be subjected to a hydraulic pressure test with a test pressure of 10 bar, please see the Aquatherm Red Pipe System catalogue for further information.


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