Health and Safety


Aquatherm piping is lighter than comparable metal systems and is thus easier and safer to handle manually.


During cutting and fabrication no hazardous or dirty materials are present.


No oils, solvents or adhesive materials are required – COSSH assessments are not necessary.


Hot works permits are not always necessary – maximum welding temperatures are 260 °C, thus not presenting an ignition hazard.


PP-R pipework carries no re-sale value which reduces the risk of theft from sites.


Aquatherm Green pipe potable water

Aquatherm Blue pipe heating and cooling, LTHW   Aquatherm Grey pipe PEX & PB   Aquatherm Lilac pipe Grey water Aquatherm Orange System Underfloor heating   Aquatherm Black System climate control    Aquatherm Red pipe Fire sprinkler system   Aquatherm pre-insulated ti pipe District heating