University of Utah picks Aquatherm for Inventive, Sustainable Cooling System

The University of Utah picked Aquatherm for an inventive and sustainable cooling system to move irrigation water within a thermal storage tank.

Aquatherm used their famous Blue Pipe and Lilac Pipe for this project.

The Challenge:

The engineering team designing the new building sought a corrosion-free, eco friendly pipe system to move irrigation water from compartment to compartment in the thermal storage tanks while being submerged under water.

The Solution:

Since Aquatherm pipe won't corrode, scale, wear out or clog and hard water doesn't affect the piping it was the perfect pipe for the job, and less expensive than copper.

  • The advantages of using Aquatherm:

  • The design team embraced the corrosion and scale resistance that PP-R offers

  • Aquatherm piping systems are non-leaching, fully recyclable and can contribute to LEED certification

  • Aquatherm Blue Pipe multilayer faser (MF) allows for higher operating temperatures with thinner walls, reducing costs and improving flow rates

Drew Urie, General Foreman, Palmer-Christiansen Co., Salt Lake City said:

Heat-fusion welding is a pretty quick process, but the one thing I liked about the Aquatherm - probably my favorite thing - is how light it is. It's a lot lighter than PVC and definitely lighter than steel pipe.

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