Re-pipe behind bars brings challenges, but PP-R Pipe system is up to the task

Aquatherm heads up the task to replace a leaking pipe system for domestic water supply in the King County Jail, Seatle, WA.

Aquatherm used their famous Green Pipe for this project.

The Challenge:

Replacing a leak-prone system with a material that could withstand the area's aggressive water without disrupting the jails day-to-day operations.

The Solution:

Aquatherms heat-fused PP-R systems provide a leak-free solution that was installed quickly and easily.

  • The advantages of using Aquatherm:

  • The heat-fused joints are leak-free, reliable and require no open flames during installation

  • Stable pricing kept the project on budget

  • 10-year multimillion-dollar warranty covers parts, labor and incidental damages

Kim Johnson, Principal, Aubrun Mechanical, Auburn, WA said:

My favorite thing about Aquatherm is that if you have a leak it is not typically going to be a catastrophic leak. It will not completely blow apart because of the way its connected. That's not the case with other types of pipe. We have had only three leaks on this whole project - and they have been bacause buys didn't fuse it correctly, but for the most part that doesnt happen.
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