Aquatherm Red Pipe in the Fellbach GEWA Tower

With it's height of 107 meters, the GEWA Tower in Fellbach will become Baden Wurttemberg's heighest residential building and Germany's third highest one. In 34 storeys, 65 exclusive freehold flats come into being - the most expensive one costs €5 million.

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The GEWA Tower's special feature is not only its height, but also its striklingly extraordinary architecture. The outside walls are rising slightly inclined upwards, more precisely in an angle of 3.5°. Thus, the upper storeys are larger by approximately 10m2 than the building area.

The costs for the building project amount to approximately €57 million. After a building time of two years, the tower is supposed to be finished at the end of the year.

Aquatherm Red Pipe in the Fellbach GEWA Tower

In around 30 storeys, approximately 4,200 meters of Aquatherm Red Pipe were installed for 1,500 concealed sprinkler connections. The first contact to the executing planner, the IGL engineering office, Grolik & Ladwig Partnerschaft from Willich, took place in 2014. The implimentation was effected by Brandschutztechnik Jockel-Bramax from Gladbeck.

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