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aquatherm Firestop, the first plastic pipe system in Germany to be certified by VdS has changed its name to aquatherm red pipe.


Corrosion in fire extinguishing systems brings the risk that the sprinkler system may fail when it is needed most. Leaks at the joints increases installation and maintenance costs. The red pipe system developed by aquatherm prevents both and offers a high level of security due to its flame-resistant properties.



certified and quality inspected
connection by fusion welding
resistant against corrosion and chemicals
no accumulation of corrosion products
low pipe roughness factor and high abrasion resistance
heat and sound-insulating characteristics
high impact strength
leak-proof connection of pipe and fitting by fusion technique
not easily flammable acc. to DIN 4102-1, building material class B1
low weight compared to metal pipes
short processing time
no gaskets - sealing elements are not required
3-layer pipe with fibre glass reinforced inner layer
concealed fire protection
reduction of structural works costs by laying in concrete
weld-in saddle

aquatherm red pipe offers an extensive range of pipes and fittings for the installation of fire sprinkler systems.

The material fusiolen® PP-R FS, used for the pipe production, is a plastic whose properties are designed for the special demands of the fields of application. Both, the installer´s request for easier processing and the demand for maximum safety in later application was regarded during the development.

aquatherm red pipe:


connection by fusion welding

No sealants or adhesives are required for this permanent connection



Prevents the clogging of the sprinkler with corrosive material. This ensures a long, low-maintenance service life as well as failure-free functioning of the system.


LCPB approved systemAquatherm redpipe is LPCB approved for sprinkler systems.


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