The Advantages of Aquatherm

Speed & reduced labour costs

With heating times starting at 5 seconds and welding times starting at 4 seconds (See page 47 of Green pipe catalogue). Fusing Aquatherm product is extremley fast. And because the parts are fused, they form one part, reducing the chance of leaks. This can also reduce future maintainence costs.

In addition to this, Aquatherm doesn't require painting or treating after installation, further reducing labour costs.


The manufacture of steel requires three times as much energy as Aquatherm, and copper requires almost eight times as much. Aquatherm pipes are PVC free, free from health-hazardous heavy metals and are recyclable.


The thermal conductivity of Fusiolen® PP-R (80) is 0.15 W/mK. This offers a significantly higher degree of self-insulation compared to metal and pvc piping systems.


The piping material is inherently sound-insulating; this coupled with smooth inner surfaces ensures minimal noise transmission. This facilitates higher flow speeds, e.g. 1.5 m/sec compared to 1 m/sec copper and steel.

Health and Safety

Aquatherm piping is lighter than comparable metal systems and is thus easier and safer to handle manually.

During cutting and fabrication no hazardous or dirty materials are present.

No oils, solvents or adhesive materials are required – COSSH assessments are not necessary.

Hot works permits are unnecessary – maximum welding temperatures are 260 °C, thus not presenting an ignition hazard.

System Maintenance

Due to the smooth inner surfaces and the material’s resistance to residue adhesion, the calculated initial flow rates are sustained throughout the lifecycle of the installation, thus resulting in no long term deterioration in flow performance.

Lack of scaling means no water treatment is required although attention must be paid to ancillary components.


Unlike high-cost materials, Aquatherm plastic systems have no perceptible salvage value so eliminating the risk of costly theft from site.


Aquatherm offers an extensive prefabrication service providing an economical alternative to onsite system assembly.

Prefabrication offers reduced labour costs and installation time.

This service allows large-scale systems to be produced in workshop conditions, especially effective in the production of large bore headers and multi-outlet manifolds.

Expansion Control

The coefficient of linear expansion of Aquatherm faser composite pipes is only 0.035 mm/mK and therefore nearly identical with the linear expansion of metal pipes.

This means that at a temperature difference of 60 °K the expansion is only 2.1 mm/m and can easily be controlled by consideration of clamp positioning and sometimes expansion loops during design and installation.